Why You’re Choosing To Wait!

“Set An Example For Others In Speech, In Life, In Love, In Faith, In Purity”.    1 Tim 4:12

Teen Sex Outside Of Marriage Is Extremely Risky To One's Health & Physical Well Being.  Wait To Have Sex Until Married! Save Yourself From The Stress Of STD's & Pregnancy!


A Bit Of Ring History!

It’s obvious that the shape of a ring is a circle. A circle has no beginning and no end. It’s the shape of the sun and of the full moon. The very things that keep our lives balanced here on earth and sustains balanced life. Ancient cultures have used a circle shape / ring as a symbol of unity, perfection, and eternity. We likely wear the ring on the third finger of the left hand thanks to the Roman’s. They believed that this finger is closest to the “vein of love” which leads directly to the heart.


Second Time Virginity!

Living Purely Takes Hard Work. A Life Style That Requires Us To Give Up Sexual Entanglements That Danger Our Relationships. Struggle Against Sin Using The Power Of The Holy Spirit. “Throw Off Everything That Hinders And The Sin That So Easily Entangles, And Run With Perseverance The Race Marked Out For Us”. Heb 12:1



What To Say When You Present The Purity Ring!

For Daughters Share when presenting ring

Dearest Daughter, you are a precious gift and I am proud of the young woman you’ve become. I wish for you the very best this life has to offer and I encourage you to maintain a level of holy character in all your thoughts, actions, and in your attitude. Please take honor in your body and hold tight to your gift of virginity. Don’t take lightly the treasure you bestow, but take joy in that which you will so intimately share with another.

Follow the ways of pure truth, take confidence in your commitment to purity, modesty, and self control. Be patient my dear! Wait! Continually guard your heart. If you struggle and walk the line of self-destruction, take confidence in the POWER of the Holy Spirit who has equipped you with the WILL to stand strong. You are precious! Valuable to God! You ARE worth waiting for! Prayer: Precious Holy Father, may my daughter be blessed in her choice for abstinence. May she understand her worth to you! Surround her with your holy spirit as she walks in purity.


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What To Say When You Present The Purity Ring!

For Sons Share with son when presenting ring

My Son, you are wonderfully made and I’m proud of the noble man you’ve become. I have always wished for you to have the very best life has to offer. I want to encourage you to be a man of strong character, holding tight to a high level of Christ-like behavior in all your thoughts and actions. May your attitude reflect truth and holiness.

Be sincere in your actions and words. May you be encouraged in knowing your virginity matters.  Take a stand! Be extra careful in the path you walk. Be careful to not succumb to peer pressure. Rather, be a leader and set an example for those around you. Please honor your body! Save ALL of yourself! Taking careful aim to avoid impure thoughts and impure words towards the women you meet. Your heart is precious! Guard it! Be Patient! Wait!

Please obey God’s teaching concerning sexual holiness! Stand true to your convictions. When you do struggle & risk self-destruction, put on your battle armor and fight with the POWER of the Holy Spirit. Stay rooted in your commitments! Do NOT take lightly the “treasure” you bestow. You will one day share yourself so intimately with a woman. A woman ordained by God as your treasured wife. Until you are joined with her, follow the way of pure truth. Take confidence in your commitment to purity. It starts here! Today! You’re Strong Enough To WAIT” Prayer: Precious Holy Father, may my son be blessed in his choice for abstinence. May he understand his worth to you! Surround him with your holy spirit as he walks in purity.