Christian Purity Rings By WAITT



What Are WAITT Rings Made Of?

WAITT rings are composed of fine sterling silver.  Sterling silver is a metal alloy containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper and other elements.  Rings are not "plated" and are completely composed of sterling silver. Generally, pure (99.9%) silver cannot be used by jewelers to assemble pieces.  The sterling tea set or candle sticks enjoyed at grandma's home likely contained roughly 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

Discoloring or "Tarnish"

Tarnish is a natural process. Discoloration or "tarnish" on sterling silver is formed primarily by the copper in the alloy reacting with chemicals in the atmosphere, like chlorine, sulfur compounds and in some cases the wearer's own body chemistry, forming Sterling Silver Joined By Love Purity Ringa new molecule with a dark, almost black, color.  All silver will react to the surrounding environment in time.

Other areas where chemicals are used, like salons, medical atmospheres where disinfectants are used
and alike may expose your pieces to reactive elements. Chemicals in soaps, makeup and perfumes may also accelerate this process.

Sterling silver, like gold, is particularly ruined by chemicals found in swimming pools and hot tubs. These chemicals eat away at silver, causing it to become discolored and pitted, weakening the piece itself. Salt water, mineral springs and sun-tan lotion will also react with sterling silver.

A Green Finger

A few of us are "Blessed" with "Green Finger" phenomena.  Green Finger phenomena is nothing more than the copper within the ring reacting with the body chemistry of a minority of the wearers.  This can even be affected by diet! 

Green Finger is not dangerous and should not be a reason to panic. 

It is actually a sign you own a precious metal (and you have special body chemistry). 

Generally, this reaction fades away and is not evident after a few weeks of wear as the superficial copper, that copper which is in contact with the skin of the finger, completes its reaction.

Removing Discoloration

There is good news.  As long at the sterling piece has not been exposed to the point of pitting, a good silver polish will clean most discoloration. 

If your silver does discolor, your best choice for polishing and cleaning will depend on the components in your particular piece of jewelry. If your jewelry includes gemstones or glass beads, it may be best to use a gentle, specialized jewelry cleaning solution. Many of these come with little dunk-tanks, which allow you to soak your jewelry for a period of time.

Before using any cleaner, make sure that all of the components in your jewelry piece can withstand such cleaning. For example, softer, more porous gemstones (such as some types of turquoise) and other natural materials (such as coral) may be damaged by submersion or application of chemicals. Before using a cleaner, ask your jewelry cleaner supplier specifically whether their products may harm these materials.

Sterling silver will shine by rubbing or buffing it with a soft cotton cloth or treated polishing cloth following cleaning.

Preventing DiscolorationSterling Silver Coincide - Crown of Thorns Purity Ring

Wearing your silver jewelry often will actually decrease its propensity for tarnishing as the superficial reactive copper is exposed over time.

Some owners elect to have rhodium plating for their pieces. Local jewelers will often provide this service.  Rhodium plating with help prevent discoloration, however the plating tends to wear off in time and the discoloration may return.

When you are not wearing your jewelry, the best way to protect it from tarnish is to wrap it in special anti-tarnish paper, and tuck it away safely in your jewelry box, away from sun and moisture. If you store silver in sealed plastic bags, it will be less prone to tarnish. Jewelry containing pearls, should not be stored in plastic bags.

As a reminder; our stones are not glued, they are set in a sterling silver frame.

Be certain that stones mounted in rings are not loose or rattle. The prongs of a ring can and do wear down. If the prongs wear down too much or break,  the stone may be lost. Prongs are easily "retipped" by most jewelers to keep the stones secure.

Christian Purity Rings By WAITT