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WAITT - What's My Ring Size?
We understand that getting your ring size just right can be tricky. That is why we start out here reminding you that we offer FREE Exchanges*.

Here are a few tips to getting a correctly sized Purity Ring:
  • Try another person's ring on ... they often know there ring size and can help you determine if you need that exact size or need a smaller/larger one.

  • Guess the size needed...believe it or not a person's shoe size is likely close to their ring finger size. In cases of "gifts" we understand this can happen. Before simply guessing however, please do your best to be creative and get as close to the size you need. We are always happy to exchange a ring ... but keep in mind that it is hard for anyone to receive a gift and then have to immediately go without it until it is exchanged for a new size.

  • Try using the cart below. Wrapping string around the finger, try to best measure the circumference. Remember to allow some extra space to fit comfortably past the knuckle. When you get the results, use your instincts. If the wearer is 6 feet tall, weighs 110 lbs and the size comes out as a size 11... that is probably incorrect. If you have any trouble with sizing or need help with results, please feel free to email or call us. We are always happy to help!
Size 5

Size 6

Size 7

Size 8

Size 9
1.93" / 49.0 mm

2.03" / 51.5 mm

2.13" / 54.0 mm

2.23" / 56.6 mm

2.33" / 59.1 mm
Size 10

Size 11

Size 12

Size 13

Size 14
2.43" / 62.8 mm

2.52" / 64.1 mm

2.62" / 66.7 mm

2.72" / 69.1 mm

2.82" / 71.7 mm
  • If you are considering a wide band ring (such as a Wired Truth or Crown of Thorns) you may wish to select one size larger than measured traditionally as wide bands need a little extra room to move around!

  • When all else fails, try using this tool: Click here for a "Printable Ring Sizer". This PDF will help you.
    Please be certain to ensure the image produced is the exact dimensions listed.

WAITT generally maintains a stock of all rings found on the website … however, purity rings are based on availability. We maintain our website to reflect current in-stock items, you are welcome to call or email us with specific questions especially when ordering larger quantities. Group discounts are available.

We are always happy to answer your questions.
Please Call or Text us at (503) 421-2622 or Email us at

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WAITT 2011 Catalog

Are you Hosting An Upcoming Group Event? Great news! We have a purity ring catalog available for you. Please feel free to print it here yourself online or call us with product or sizing questions.

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