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WAITT Believes That Purity Should Have A Familiar Ring!
WAITT - Who We Are
(Christians Serving Christians)

WAITT is a Christian jewelry Retailer providing Purity Rings & Abstinence Rings to Groups, Families, Individuals, Boyfriends and Girlfriends. As a matter of fact, WAITT provides purity rings to anyone wanting a symbol of their commitment to wait.

Since 1995, WAITT has provided Purity Rings and Chastity Rings (Christian Puirty Jewelry) and Abstinence Education to those choosing abstinence. Whether you are hosting your own purity Ceremony or simply looking for a Christian ring for yourself or a special friend, we are confident you will find just what you need to make your occasion special.

rose imageWAITT has a rich history of serving groups across the world hosting purity ceremonies. We will work hand-in-hand with many of them to supply jus the right rings they need to share the message of abstinence.  Members of the WAITT team have been keynote speakers, organized and led retreats, performed dramas and authored some of the nations's leading curriculums used by our Christian friends.  WAITT is currently undertaking a major redrafting of its curriculum to share in the future months.  If you are reading this and would like to be remembered when when our final draft is complete, feel free to drop us a note at mail@waitt.org. Include a short summary of what type of event you are planning to help us in drafting our materials in a manner that may better suit your needs.

We are frequently asked "Why are WAITT's Purity Rings so affordable?" Our answer is easy... WAITT is a Ministry first and our mission is in bringing affordable Purity Rings to everyone wanting to make this commitment to themselves and their Faith. We could charge more for our rings, as it has been suggested by individuals with a "business" perspective, but we do not. We sincerely wish everyone who wants a Purity Ring to have one... All rings are priced under $45.00 (and yes, they are all Sterling Silver all the way through). Parents and individuals are welcome to order single rings with no additional charge for a small quanitity amount or larger size. To learn more about WAITT Purity Rings visit the page "Caring for Your New Purity Ring."

By choosing a Purity Ring from WAITT, you have chosen to work with an organization that understands the impact a Purity Ring brings to the wearer. WAITT is not part of another organization and is not owned by a large company marketing rings with Christian packaging. You are choosing to work with a Christian organization that is not focused on simply "selling rings", rather you are working with an organization which "Walk's the Talk" and believes in what a life of purity brings to an individual. WAITT understands the impact a purity ring brings to the wearer and remains focused on our mission... ensuring you have a special ring to represent your commitment to wait. Coast to coast - WAITT purity rings impact lives around the world!

Over the years WAITT has been recognized by hundreds of TV and radio programs... including Fox News Live, The Associated Press and the New York Times... it is no question that WAITT leaves a lasting impression for modesty and truth!

We are really glad you found us! Thank you for considering us to supply your purity ring.

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We are always happy to answer your questions. Please Call or Text us at (503) 421-2622 or Email us at

Trisha WAITTMeet Trisha, Our Founder and President

WAITT would like to introduce you to the person who continues to give WAITT its vision for over a decade. By introducing Trisha Magaw, we hope to express to you our heart and passion for serving the needs of others. Starting WAITT as a teenager, wearing her purity ring at the age of 14, she continues to spread the message of abstinence to tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Now in her late 30's, Trisha is as committed as ever to getting the word out about abstinence. She does not ask of anyone something she did not live out herself. Not having crawled in a bubble to hide from the pressures of the world, she understands what it takes to live a lifestyle committed to purity and is excited to make WAITT purity rings affordable to those who want one. Deciding to wait, Trisha stayed true to purity right to the alter - now celebrating 11 years of marriage!

We hope that you will be blessed by the integrity of Trisha and the WAITT program. Trisha would like to hear from you! If you yourself have a "waiting" story please share it! Find us on Facebook or contact Trisha at trisham@waitt.org

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